SFC Enterprises Offices

Located at 46 Newman Springs Road East in Red Bank, SFC’s Corporate Headquarters are an elegant yet stylistic mix of modern and industrial influences. Boasting a large glass encased conference room with several surrounding offices, the design reflects a calming and relaxing nature, making it a peaceful place for SFC and Immediate Care Walk-In Management employees.

Approximately 4,000 square feet the open ceilings with exposed duct work create the industrial illusion yet panning down the textured walls and closing in on the modern artwork truly brings out it’s modern yet traditional elegance.

Formerly a small warehouse, this space was completely renovated and remodeled to become our headquarters at SFC Enterprises, Inc. and Immediate Care Medical Walk-In.

46 Newman Springs Road, Red Bank

This recently renovated building at 46 Newman Springs Road houses a variety of medical and professional offices. Occupants include SFC Enterprises, Immediate Care, Advanced Physical Therapy, Lotus Health & Wellness all within 18,000 square footage of space. This facility was completed in 2016.

Immediate Care Medical Walk-In of Marlboro

The Marlboro Medical Arts Building, a medically approved class-A professional office building facility, is currently under construction at 479 Newman Springs Road in Marlboro. Building 1, a two story structure, is a 24,000 square ft and Building 2 , a single story structure, is 11,261 square ft. Future tenants will include CentraState Healthcare System and Immediate Care Medical Walk-In of Marlboro.

Interested parties should contact Richel Commercial at

901 Durham Avenue,
South Plainfield

This is where it all began! 901 Durham Ave in South Plainfield was where Sal founded Innovative Folding Carton Company at the age of 24. This is where he ran one of the most prestigious printing business in the northeast. In 1992 the facility was completely renovated and expanded to total 100,000 square feet.

Currently this location is occupied by Multi Packaging Solutions.

500 Tenth Avenue,
New York City

500 Tenth Avenue in Manhattan serves as a major storage and distribution facility for DHL. It is seven floors total, with 250,000 square feet. Renovations of the building were completed in 2010 and SFC provides construction management for this building.

809 Rt. 36,
Union Beach

Located at 809 Route 36, this commercial rental is currently occupied by Platinum Physical Therapy and Wellness. The professional and medical office building is a total of 4,000 square feet and was completed in 2004.